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What is prayer? Is it some word or message you send to God?

Prayer is the Word of God which comes to you when you are silent enough, still enough,
expectant enough to receive it.
This Word of God which you receive in Silence becomes visible as health, harmony, success,
peace, joy and dominion where all the world may see it.

~Joseph Goldsmith, Spiritual Interpretation of Scripture~

Prayer Request

Your prayer will be held at Silent Unity for 30 days.

You may also call Silent Unity at 1-800-669-7729 anytime day or night for immediate prayer.



Wisdom Prayer

Wisdom Prayer


The word WISDOM seems to evoke a feeling of “awe” and it may seem that WISDOM belongs to those who have lived a long time, overcome many challenges and have learned. In fact that could be true…but let’s explore the concept of WISDOM from both its literal and it metaphysical meanings.


The word WISDOM simply means the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgment; the quality of being wise.

You see the literal meaning appears to indicate that WISDOM comes from the experiences that are part of our human journey. Again, possibly.


Consideration for WISDOM

Looking beyond the limits of age and time, can anyone of us have the WISDOM that life requires to make better decisions and to create discernment and good judgement about what we should or should not be doing, saying or experiencing?

Metaphysically speaking, WISDOM is the intuitive knowing. Some describe it as the “voice of God within.” It is our ability to discern the Christ Truth within.

Wow, that is a big and heavy statement. No, not really. If God made you, then is it so hard to believe that you can hear God’s voice within you? And if God is the author of every cell of our bodies, then is it so hard to think that those cells are always connected to their source? And if every cell of the body is connected to their source, couldn’t God be providing us with the very WISDOM we need at every moment?

In the Bible, James 1:5 says “if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask God, who gives generously to all without reproach and it will be given him.” This does not appear to be limited to age or experience…but simply to one’s ability to open up and listen for God’s guidance. Be still, unplug and allow God to work through you. Wisdom, like all the 12 Powers, is already available and ready to be used.

It is important to recognize that alone, we are bound to limited ideas, knowledge and intellect but when we seek God, when we develop the Christ Truth already inside of us, then we can move easily through decisions, relationships, employment and life choices of all kinds.

Ask Yourself the Following about WISDOM

  • Do I believe that God reveals His WISDOM to me?
  • Do I believe that I already have WISDOM and that by listening for God’s voice within me, I can avoid mistakes and heartaches that I might otherwise experience?
  • Do I stand in the Truth that I am filled with knowledge and good judgement when I wait for God’s lead?
  • Do I jump to decisions and make choices based on what I believe to be true or what I intuitively discern with God?

These are profound questions that must be carefully and sincerely considered.

Please find a quiet place to relax and together, let’s pray for your internal walk through WISDOM! Even if you don’t really know where to begin, allow yourself to read these words with a sense of peace and believe that all things are possible…

Gracious Creator – I stand in your WISDOM. I alone can make little progress, but I know that with you I am enabled to create, resolve, design, heal, empower and fully engage in this life and with those in this life around me. There are no limits to what I know, the productive choices I can make, or the good relationships I can build. I wait only for you Dear God and I put Proverbs 3:5 into action as I “Trust in the Lord with all my heart, and do not lean on my own understanding” (Sit quietly with this last sentence and say it over and over again). I am whole, perfect and wise.

As I see many in the world who do not exhibit their WISDOM, I am reminded that those who allow God to be their guide find greater, more rewarding lives. I control my thoughts, my emotions, my judgements by knowing that God, in all His WISDOM is larger than all the foolish behavior of today. God is in control of my life, and I stand in the presence and power of God every minute I am alive. I call upon God’s Grace in every activity and every decision. I am blessed with God’s endless and abundant WISDOM.

I give praise to God for knowing this truth and for understanding that no matter what the circumstances look like or how others are feeling, God lifts me to my best nature, best life and best outcome.

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The Prayer of Protection

The light of God surrounds us;
The love of God enfolds us;
The power of God protects us;
The presence of God watches over us;
Wherever we are, God is;

And All is well!