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Minister’s Corner

Humankind is both human and divine.  Since all of creation began in the Mind of God, we, then, are first spiritual beings.  That spiritual essence entered the realm of the physical, thereby, secondly allowing us to have a human experience.  Somewhere in this process, humanity has fallen into a sleep and therefore must awaken to what I refer to as spiritual amnesia; we are in the process of “re-membering” our divine identity and heritage, while working toward the full expression of our divinity in and through our humanity.

Jesus is our Way Shower, our Example, and our Elder Brother.  We are to become what he is by doing what he did.  This is difficult for many to comprehend because it is such good news.  Jesus is the prototype of the new race, demonstrating the full potential within each of us, through Christ.  Jesus is the outward expression of the abundance of life that is available to all that “believe on [truly follow] him; greater works than these shall you do…”  (John 14:12).

The celebration of what happened to Jesus over two thousand years ago, is an unfailing promise of new hope and life.  Jesus arose triumphantly and victoriously, and as we follow him, allowing the mind of Christ to develop in us as it did in him, (Philippians 2:5) we too, will rise in triumphant victory.  The Bible is the record, our story, of the development of man’s consciousness in the Mind of God.

Come join us in worship, study, spiritual growth and community at 11 am, on Sunday mornings at:

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Rev. Gloria Lilly-Holt, minister

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